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Kia Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality vehicles. Kia was founded in 1944 in Korea. Due to the severe crisis of 1998, which hit the demand for cars, the Kia Corporation lost its independence and came under the control of Hyundai.

The corporation owns fourteen factories in several countries around the world. About three million cars of various brands leave the assembly line annually. The company has representative offices in 180 countries. The reliability of cars produced under the Kia brand is marked by prestigious awards from world experts.

Kia Corporation, by the end of 2018, became the leader in sales of foreign cars in the Russian Federation. Kia's principle is to assemble cars in the sales region. For this, two factories were opened in the cities of St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. The popular Rio X-Line is produced at the plant located in the city on the Neva.

Kia Rio X-Line. History of creation

The history of the creation of the Kia Rio X-Line model is unique. Kia specialists were unhappy with the share of hatchbacks in the sales segment. It was no more than twenty percent. Work on increasing this share led to the birth of the X-Line. The idea for the car came from Russia. This rarely happens. Usually manufacturers adapt models to Russian realities.

Polls conducted by Kia specialists showed that the Russian buyer wants to combine the impossible in a car - engine power, increased cross-country ability and a low price. The developers' decision was interesting - to offer the client not the car that they want, but the one that they like.

The result is the X-Line hatchback crossover - a combination of stylish design, practicality, and generous standard equipment.

Introduced in 2017, the X-Line is a good option for the buyer looking for an SUV-like vehicle but at an affordable price. The demand for it is consistently high.

The price of the car Kia Rio X-Line in 2019

The release of the car model with a new modification began in January 2019. This change resulted in a price increase of twenty thousand rubles. Thus, prices for new Kia Rio X-Line cars start at 899 thousand rubles and finish at around 1 million 139 thousand rubles.

The Kia Rio X-Line is already entering the used car market. The price requested by the owner depends entirely on the technical condition of the car, its configuration. The range of prices for most used cars is from 650 to 900 thousand rubles, and on average, a car loses 15-20 percent of the cost when leaving a car dealership.

Kia Rio X-Line complete sets

The Russian buyer is offered a choice of three versions of the car: "Comfort", "Prestige" and "Premium".

In the basic version "Comfort" the buyer gets a serious "filling":

  • rear-view mirrors with electric control function;
  • roof rails;
  • full-size spare tire;
  • double exhaust pipe;
  • ABS and exchange rate stability;
  • help when starting uphill movement;
  • wheel pressure sensor;
  • Glonass system;
  • air conditioning;
  • electric glass lifter;
  • central locking;
  • heated steering wheel and front seats.

The “Prestige” package complements the basic version:

  • alloy wheels;
  • optics allowing to illuminate direction indicators;
  • more comfortable seat upholstery;
  • additional front armrest;
  • curtains and side airbags;
  • disc rear brakes;
  • a multimedia system with a large screen;
  • digital dashboard;
  • rear view camera for parking.

The most expensive equipment of the Premium car is additionally equipped with:

  • LED rear optics;
  • push-button engine start;
  • a multimedia system with up-to-date information on traffic congestion and work;
  • access to the car "Smart Key" (without a key).

Taking into account the Russian climatic conditions, all versions are equipped with leg heating for passengers in the back seat, mud flaps, and a powerful 60 Ah battery. The high ground clearance of 195 mm allows the car to feel confident on a bad road.


Cars with two engine options are on sale. These are gasoline units of the Gamma series (1,6 liters) and Kappa (1,4 liters).

  1. The 1,4-liter engine has a capacity of one hundred horsepower. It is equipped with an automatic six-speed transmission or six-speed "mechanics". The maximum speed is indicated by the manufacturer at one hundred seventy-four kilometers per hour, the average fuel consumption is from 5,8 to 6,7 liters per hundred kilometers.
  2. 1,6 liter engine. 123 horsepower is hidden under the hood, which allows it to accelerate to hundreds of kilometers in 12-15 seconds without any problems. The maximum speed has increased to 184 km / h. Average fuel consumption is 6,6 - 6,8 liters per hundred kilometers.

Car design

The intention of the developers to position the X-Line as a "cross-hatchback" was reflected in the design of the car. To resemble a crossover, the X-Line received a protective body kit. The body kit is attached to the door panels and to the wheel arches. The stylish bumper, with silver accents on the lower edge, harmonizes well with the headlights.

Interior comfort

The body of the Kia Rio X-Line came out a little more spacious than that of the Rio sedan. Passengers feel more comfortable. The front torpedo is made of hard plastic, but this is the flip side of the car's low cost. The seats are very comfortable with lateral support and heating. The dashboard is informative. The steering wheel is comfortable and heated. This option is useful for the driver in winter. If you need to transport a large load, the rear seats fold easily and the boot capacity immediately increases.

Owner feedback

In terms of comfort, this hatchback reminded me of my Ford Focus. In addition to the good seats, I liked their varied adjustment. With my great height under 2 m, I do not bump into anything on a bumpy road. I will also note the spaciousness of the cabin for the driver: there is enough width and length. The X-line meets all expectations at first landing, so you can be sure that the car will disappoint you right away. On the dynamics you feel all 123 liters. from.
Sergey from Chelyabinsk,

Vehicle Specifications

The dimensions of the car allow you to feel confident in the city and on a country road. The manufacturer indicates the following characteristics:

Body size

  • length - 4220 mm;
  • width - 1750 mm;

Clearance and clearance

  • clearance of 195 mm in cars produced after January 2019 with 16 radius discs, and 190 mm with 15 radius discs.
  • 170mm clearance on earlier models.

This clearance allows you to calmly overcome road irregularities;

Fuel consumption

According to the manufacturer, fuel consumption is from 6,2 to 6,9 liters per 100 kilometers, the owner's reviews confirm this information;

Volume of the tank

The volume of the fuel tank is fifty-five liters;

Cargo space

The standard luggage compartment is 390 liters. By expanding the rear seats, you can decently increase its size to 1070 liters.

Wheels and tires

According to the user manual, the X-Line is equipped with wheels of the 15th and 16th radius, and tires, respectively, 185/65 and 195/55 sizes. By the way, the spare wheel has a 15 radius, so we would recommend putting 15 radius discs on this car as well.

Engine oil

To replace engine oil for a 1,6 liter engine, 3,5 liters will be required, and for 1,4 liters - 3,6 liters.
Depending on the temperature regime, the manufacturer suggests using oils of different viscosities, for Moscow and the Moscow region dealers usually choose a universal oil recommended by the manufacturer 0W-20, 0W-30, 5W-20, 5W-30.

Photos Kia Rio X-Line


How does cruise control work?

- cruise control is activated by changing the position of the lever on the steering wheel. The limiter will determine the minimum allowed speed and will adhere to it. Return to manual control is done by pressing the Mode button again;

Kia Rio X-Line VS compared to what?

Most often, this car is compared with Renault Kaptur, Lada Xray, Lada Vesta SW Cross, Kia Ceed, Renault Sandero Stepway, Kia Soul

Is the Rio X-Line a hatchback?

Many motorists are interested in the question. In its pure form, the Kia Rio X-Line cannot be called a hatchback. Manufacturers have come up with a "lift" the five-door hatchback, giving it some crossover features. Thus, it is a symbiosis of the best qualities of the two models.

What are the disadvantages of the Kia Rio X-Line?

Basically, the owners complain about poor noise insulation, the spaciousness of the cabin, a small glove compartment, inconvenient seat adjustment, glare from a glossy dashboard on the windshield, weak optics, cheap scratching plastic, poor climate control, a problem with connecting an android car, the creak of the cabin, quick erasure of brake discs , windage at a speed of> 130 km / h, vibration on the body from the cooling radiator.

What are the offers for buying on credit?

For example, when buying a car on credit worth 900 thousand rubles for 5 years, you will need to pay 21125 rubles a month, the interest rate is on average 14%, plus you need to remember the various payments for obtaining a loan and preparing other documents.

Dealers who offer to buy a car on credit: Autogermes

What about soundproofing in a car?

The lack of sound insulation of the underbody and wheel arches leaves an unpleasant impression on the trip.

Can I chip or flash?

It is possible, small firms are engaged in this, plus from chip tuning - an increase in power, a decrease in fuel consumption.

Kia Rio X-Line tuning options

The car can be embellished with deflectors on the hood and windows, overlays for the rear bumper, metal thresholds-pipes, original radiator grilles and so on.

Kia Rio X-Line examples of the cost of consumable parts and accessories

  • Front brake pads from 2800 rubles
  • Wipers from 800 rubles
  • Floor mats from 1600 rubles
  • Armrest from 2000 rubles
  • Window deflectors from 1000 rubles
  • Windshield from 2500 rubles
  • Tow bar from 11000 rubles. 
  • Filters: interior from 500 rubles, oil from 150 rubles, fuel from 1100 rubles. 

Where can I get the Kia Rio X-Line for a test drive?

In Moscow: Major Auto
In St. Petersburg: Kia-Shuvalovo


Kia Automobile Corporation has a developed network of dealers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Customers are waiting for car dealerships where you can sign up for a test drive of a Kia Rio X-Line car (just don't forget your driver's license with you):

  • Irbis-Service, located at Studeny proezd 7B.
  • AvtoGermes, located at st. Rowanberry 43.
  • KIA Center Agalat, located at the address: 9th Leninsky lane, 11.
  • Favorit Motors, located at: st. Koptevskaya 69A.
  • AA Major, located at st. Pskovskaya, 13.
  • AA Major Auto MKAD 18 km. located at the address: Dzerzhinsky, st. Alekseevskaya, 2a.
  • Car dealership Kia, located at: St. Petersburg, st. Kushelevskaya road 20.

Download instructions and regulations for maintenance

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  1. This year, my wife finally passed her license. Next time we will take her car. I myself drove KIA a long time ago, but my friend consistently buys only cars of this brand. Says a good combination of price and quality. Seriously looking at the Kia Rio X-Line. My wife liked the design of the body, the interior. The equipment suits me - everything you need is there. I, of course, prefer SUVs. But for her to drive around the city - just right. And the reviews seem to be not bad, and the price suits. Good car.

  2. Yes, there is nothing to compare, in its price segment it is a clear leader. Even richer models can be found in terms of configuration, but they are not reliable in terms of reliability, it will work quietly for 5 years without serious damage.

  3. Stylish cross-hatchback ,. An urban crossover with a very interesting design, it turned out to be a fashionable aggressive SUV.

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