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Selecting and installing a rear view camera on a car

ДFor many motorists, especially those living in large cities, there is a problem of visibility when parking, especially when it comes to driving backwards.

Today, cars are equipped with parking sensors and rear-view cameras, and even if the original car was not equipped with these benefits of civilization, then they can be installed during its operation.

Monitor selection

Before installing the camera on a car, it is worth deciding where the resulting picture will be displayed. If the car is equipped with a standard display that allows connecting an external camera, the issue is resolved, for other cases you will have to look for a new monitor.

The screen can be:
- radio tape recorder;
- navigator;
- rear-view mirror with built-in monitor;
- additional display installed specifically for the camera.

The main thing is that the device that receives the signal is compatible with the camera.

Today, video review systems are mounted in two ways:
- wired... The most reliable way, in which the signal from the rear view camera through the RCA connector goes to the monitor. The disadvantage of this method is the need to pull the wires through almost the entire car.

- wireless. The most convenient way, here the signal goes to the reader via Wi-Fi or FM modulator. The obvious ease of installation is considered a plus, and the negative side is possible interference that distorts the picture quality.

You can wirelessly connect almost any camera; for this, you need to connect a transmitter to the output connector, and a signal receiver of the same type to the input connector of the display and configure the connection.

Camera selection

When choosing a camera, you need to take into account that there are two formats for transmitting the color of an image: NTSC and PAL. The camera can support either two formats or only one of them. If the format used on the camera does not match the color format on the monitor, the system will not work.

Otherwise, cameras are distinguished by the following characteristics:
- type of attachment;
- viewing angle;
- resolution and type of matrix;
- photosensitivity;
- Operating temperature range;
- body security.

The choice of the type of attachment and temperature range depends on the wishes of a particular motorist and the region of operation of the car. Dust and moisture protection also depends on the operating conditions.

The viewing angle, according to experts, should be at least 120 °. As for the resolution, the higher it is, the better the picture will be. The light sensitivity is suitable and the minimum, since when driving backwards, the reversing light will act as a backlight.

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  1. Ich möchte mein Auto sicherer machen, als es derzeit ist. Vielen Dank für den Leitfaden über den Einbau einer Rückfahrkamera in ein Auto. Ich werde sehen, ob ich eine Rückfahrkamera finden kann, die ich in mein Auto einbauen kann, um es sicherer zu machen, wenn ich fahre.

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