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Electric Super Scooter Dualtron

Story Highlights
  • 120 km without recharging
  • Carrying capacity up to 140 kg
  • Speed ​​up to 60 km / h
  • Travel range up to 140 km
  • Aviation aluminum body

In 2016, Korean manufacturers Minimotors delighted all fans of a quick ride through the streets of their hometown and outdoor activities with the release of a new Dualtron electric scooter. And they immediately proved that they were not going to end there, but to release more and more new and improved versions of their own product.

For example, two new electric scooters were released in 2018: Dualtron Nano and Dualtron Thunder. Electric scooters from this company can be safely called SUVs among scooters.
Characteristics and description of the model

Large charge reserve. You can drive 120 km without recharging, which is the clear leader among all your opponents.
High payload up to 140 kg, which is also the highest result.

High power. The Dualtron model can safely reach speeds of up to 60 km / h. For movement within the city, no rider will feel the limit.
Advanced braking system. Thanks to her, the risk of colliding with various obstacles is very low (+ score for safety).
Resistant body. Aviation aluminum is the main material.

Advantages and Features: Why Buy the Dualtron Nano?

Quality of materials

Made of materials that are very durable and reliable in use. Aviation aluminum was chosen as the main material, which is very light and durable.

Running performance

Using the scooter regardless of the weather. Excellent maneuverability. Develops a speed of at least 60 km / h. Driving range on one charge up to 140 km.
Stylish design and comfort

Very good appearance.

Comes with a remote control for the backlight. Each rider will be able to choose any lighting to their taste. You can adjust the rack to fit your parameters.


Dualtron electric scooters can have very different prices, as there are many models and they are all different. Prices range from 30 rubles to 000. For example, the average price for the Thunder is 200 rubles, and for the Nano 000 rubles.

The choice is very large. Minimotors has made sure that their electric scooters are suitable for everyone, without exception.

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  1. Yes, we can really agree that electric scooters are very convenient for getting around the city and it is possible that they will soon replace conventional cars on the roads. At least, such scooters are much cheaper than cars, and also do not take up much space, which is why there are no traffic jams. So we'll see in the near future.

  2. The electric super scooter is trending right now because of its ease of use. Such a scooter is easy to carry into an apartment in a multi-storey building, does not require gasoline, and takes up very little space. If you have to travel a couple of kilometers to work every day, then this type of transport is irreplaceable. And there is no noise from the electric scooter. On the other hand, 200 for a scooter, although electric, seems a little expensive to me, and 000-20 is an adequate price. Thanks for the interesting and detailed article.

  3. The scooter has become an integral part of our life, not only for young people and children, but also for those over 40. Now you can buy any scooter on the market and at any price. In a family of 4, three of us have scooters. Therefore, all new model and new brand, in order to declare themselves, not as some kind of fake, must keep the brand. I think in a few months producing will reduce the cost. If the price is adequate, the demand will immediately increase.

  4. I agree that electric scooters are gaining more and more popularity. And not only among young people, but also older people. And the improved scooters that can travel 120 km are very surprising and amazing. Soon we will all switch from our cars to electric scooters: economical and fun. In addition, there will be fewer traffic jams.
    And the appearance of this "miracle" of technology is amazing, which is very important when choosing scooters.

  5. The electric scooter is actually very convenient. a tool for walking around the city, driving for business or school. This electric vehicle model has a number of advantages: simple and intuitive control, quiet driving and maneuverability. Traffic jams on the way to work will no longer be a problem. And most importantly, it does not release exhaust gases into the environment and does not harm health in any way. Thanks for the helpful article.

  6. I think that an electric scooter is a fairly good mode of transport, because it does not emit any pollution into the atmosphere, it is convenient for movement in urban areas, does not require refueling with gasoline, which only becomes more expensive every day, the scooter does not blow any rights, and the scooter can also pass on any pedestrian zone: park, sidewalk, etc. If, of course, we reduce the cost of electric scooters, then, most likely, they will be able to replace our automobile transport. Thanks for the article. It was very interesting to read.

  7. A worthwhile thing if it's summer all year round. Otherwise, it’s too expensive and in a big city you’ll hardly drive on the highway. You can buy one for rent for walking, to the store or to work, if close. A huge plus is the long battery life and compactness. I would have bought this for relaxation, if it were a little cheaper.

  8. Scooters are generally superb on their own. Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, it does not take up a lot of space like the same bicycles. It can be used as a means of transportation to work, for example.
    And the fact that it's electric is generally cool. But the price is scary.

  9. Electric cars are not very popular with us, which cannot be said about scooters. Moscow is generally one of the few capitals where young people are so focused on this. Now it is fashionable, and what to hide, for the summer, it is a very convenient means of transportation in Moscow traffic jams. I think that it was the design that became the cornerstone of such sales.

  10. Excellent work of Koreans, which is only praise and admiration. These scooters are very convenient and economical in terms of gasoline costs. I think it is more suitable for big cities, where there are constant traffic jams. With regard to prices, very, very reasonable prices, considering how much you can save on travel. In general, my rating is 10 out of 10, I don't see any particular disadvantages in it.

  11. Thank you so much for this interesting and informative article. I have been thinking about buying an electric scooter for a long time, because I believe that they are the future, because they do not require gasoline and do not pollute the atmosphere like cars, and they also take up little space and can easily sit in an apartment. But I will mark it, it seemed to me that all electric scooters cost a lot of money, and I was very surprised when I saw the cost of 30 thousand rubles.

  12. Perhaps the electric scooter will become an indispensable means of transportation in the future. The city streets are congested during rush hour and it is very difficult to get to work due to traffic jams. Convenient thing, does not require daily refueling, but the price is great. But as a rule, in the morning, leaving for work, we take the children to school, and in the afternoon to various other activities. On weekends, my family is going out of town, to the country house. It turns out that the electric scooter is intended for a narrow range of use. 

  13. A good thing is an electric scooter. Vehicle speed when driving around the city. And outside the city on the usual country roads you can. Gasoline is not required, the battery is powerful if it is enough for 120 km. Once a week I load it up and ride. The only interesting thing is whether it will be expensive to charge the battery, how much will have to pay for electricity. I think that soon many will switch to scooters.

  14. Now I use a regular scooter. It is very convenient to get to work and lift it to the 3rd floor. But shoes have to be put on especially for the trip, and then changed. I think with an electric scooter this problem will be solved, because the contact of the shoes with the road will be much less. So, we will seriously think about buying an electric analogue, especially since the declared price of 20-30 thousand is quite adequate. Thank you for always posting interesting news about new products!

  15. Korean manufacturers are conquering our market. Minimotors produces very interesting and trendy scooter models, young people are delighted. My 19-year-old daughter is now saving up for one. Dreams of a Dualtron for 35 thousand. Electric scooters are now very popular, at least in Moscow - you walk along the streets and people on scooters are constantly passing by.

  16. Electric scooters are now a bit smaller than bicycles. More and more people are choosing this means of transportation in the city. Electric scooters are quite fast and compact. But the price of one hundred and seventy thousand is just a little embarrassing. 

  17. In the picture, the scooter looks, of course, very massive, so I would very much like to know how much weight it has. Here I would immediately note two questionable points. Firstly, it is probably not very convenient to transfer it. Secondly, the price with 5 zeros immediately confused. Still, the scooter should have more compact dimensions so that, if desired, it can be easily taken under the arm, as they say, and brought home, office or store. Well, 140 km walking is just wonderful, since it will definitely be enough for a day, or maybe not for one. 

  18. A really great thing, given the modern rhythm of life, very useful in everyday use. Good and high-quality materials, a carrying capacity of up to 140 kg will allow many to ride it, and a speed of up to 60 km does not differ much from a motor scooter, only an electric scooter is much more economical)

  19. A really great thing, given the modern rhythm of life, very useful in everyday use. Good and high-quality materials, a carrying capacity of up to 140 kg will allow many to ride it, and a speed of up to 60 km does not differ much from a motor scooter, only an electric scooter is much more economical)

  20. Yes, I agree, now many people travel around Moscow on electric scooters. There are many manufacturers of these "devices", mainly China and Korea. My colleague commutes to work (two metro stops) on an electric scooter. Bought it for a little over a hundred thousand, shakes over him like a child. I, too, would not mind buying an electric scooter, but it seems to me that the prices for "adequate" models in our country are a little too high to say the least. 

  21. So many enthusiastic comments, well, just a fairy tale!
    1) Savings, there is none! The battery, the main part of the cost of a scooter, is enough for 1-2 seasons, then replacement. Gasoline is cheaper than lithium!
    How about repairing a scooter? During the season, this device needs to be repaired stably, everything breaks there - from the controller to the folding mechanism. Spare parts are very expensive and scarce, there are few smart repairmen, and the cost of repairs is expensive.
    Scooter tires wear out instantly! And they are not cheap, not everyone can change them. Again expenses!
    2) A versatile vehicle? And in the rain? And in the cold? Not only that at negative temperatures the battery loses its capacity at the moment, and small wheels do not ride on the meat, but also, in most scooters, moisture penetrates into the wheel motor and electronics, and that's it, Khan's scooter! And the rider in bad weather is not happy to ride a scooter. Here he is not a rival to the car!
    From all of the above, we conclude: an electric scooter is a toy for entertainment, and only very rich people can afford to have fun. After all, a good scooter now costs around 100 rubles. Plus constant investment in repairs.

    1. Thank you Eugene for an honest and objective review. In Riga, for example, the cost of renting a car and a scooter costs the same money, I think this speaks of the high cost of their maintenance that you are talking about.

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